From the months of December to March, mountainsides become hidden of meters of snow and adventurers take to the slopes for the ultimate thrill. From skiing and snowboarding to cross country and toboggan races, winter sports attract global attention for their excitement and variety. North American locations are among the top for snow sports lovers to find themselves in when the powder accumulates. 

This year, Flight Network scoured the continent to find the ski resorts which stood out for their quality, beauty, and overall thrill. Using both detective skills and advice from expert travelers (and skiers), we have located the top-secret locations for your winter sports amusements. These destinations ranked highly above all others and are beckoning to any who enjoy gliding down a snowy mountain and whipping through the chilled air. Use this Best Kept Secret Ski Resorts of 2018 to craft your North American, chasing the avalanche itinerary.  

Read on for complete listing of resorts chosen in the US and Canada.