Closing Date 3/13/22

Own the Slopes

Learning to ski or snowboard allows people the freedom to explore the outdoors, gain confidence in themselves, and develop skills that last a lifetime. The mission of our Snowsports School is to give you and your family an experience to remember while leading you toward success on snow.

Canaan Valley Snowsports School is a certified PSIA/AASI member school. Our approach to instruction and the techniques we promote are in accordance with Professional Ski Instructors of America and the American Association of Snowboard Instructors. Not only does this mean cutting edge, modern instruction but it also ensures the skills you learn are consistent with those taught at almost every major ski area nationwide.

Learn to ski at Canaan Valley Resort, a premier family ski destination with ideal terrain for those new to skiing or snowboarding! We've dedicated more than 30 percent of our terrain to beginners including:

  • Critters Crawl: a dedicated beginner area perfect for first time sliders. Critters Crawl features a magic carpet surface lift making getting back up the slope a breeze.
  • Timber Trail: wind scenically down the mountain on this 1.25 mile guest favorite.

Ski & Ride Snowsports School Resources: Advance reservations are required.

  • Lesson Times: 9:30 AM, 11 AM, 1 PM, 2:30 PM (1-hour in duration)
  • Half Day Lesson Times: 9:30 AM or 1 PM (2.5-hours in duration)
  • Please report 10-minutes prior to lesson time for line-up.
  • Lesson availability is limited, and reservations are strongly encouraged.
  • You may call Canaan Snowsports School for more info at 304-866-2223.
  • Please refer to the Levels Chart below before calling for a reservation.

What To Wear

Wear layers for warmth. Water resistant pants, jacket and waterproof gloves are a must. Wear only ONE pair of socks, preferably ski socks, and do not tuck your pants into your boots. Goggles are a best to wear on cold, snowy days; sunglasses and sunscreen on sunny days. We certainly recommend wearing helmets!

Check the Trails

Always check our Trail Report before going up the mountain. Grab a trail map for your pocket.

What to Eat

Hydrate! Winter sports are dehydrating, so drink plenty of water and have a great breakfast or lunch before hitting the slopes. Be sure to take breaks if needed during your lesson.

Know Your Skill Level

See below under Skiing and Snowboard Levels

COVID 19 Protocols

Canaan Resort will be continuing the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) “Ski Well. Be Well.” COVID-19 safety operating procedures for this ski season. For more information about the the NSAA’s new policies, we encourage you to visit

Group Lesson

Canaan will offer group lessons to beginning students who are Level I, II or III skiers/riders (see chart below). We will organize students by age and ability level.

Students must be 7 years or older.

$40.00 per student

Family/Friends Group Lesson:

A great way to have fun with your family and friends! The Family/Friends Group Lesson requires a minimum of three people. The minimum age for this group is 5 years old. The Family/Friends Group Lesson is most appropriate for beginning skiers and those who need a recap on their skills. A group with young children will focus on improving everyone’s skills and give parents tips on skiing/riding with their kids.

$40 per student

Private and Semi Private Lessons:

Focus on your specific ski/board goals with a private lesson. Our instructors will work with you and your needs for improving your skills – but we will also accommodate beginner students who want more personalized instruction.

1-Hour Lesson is $110 for the first student, $10 for additional students (a max of 3).

Half Day Lesson is $200 for the first student, $50 for additional students (a max of 3).

  • This Saturday and Sunday program allows your child to ski with qualified instructors while you explore the mountain.
  • The two-and-a-half-hour lesson focuses on improving skills while having fun with others.
  • Saturday lessons are offered in the morning and afternoon. Sunday lessons are mornings only except on holiday weekends.
  • Half day lessons are 9:30 AM–12 PM & 1 PM–3:30 PM
  • Ages are 5–12 years old.
  • This program is also offered during the following holidays:
    December 26 - January 2 (morning & afternoon)
    January 15 (morning & afternoon)
    January 16 & 17 (mornings only)
    February 12 (morning & afternoon)
    February 13 & 14 (mornings only)

At this time, this program is not offered in snowboarding.

$125.00 per student.


  • I. First time on skis.
  • II. You can turn slightly & stop in a wedge position.
  • III. You can make linked wedge turns on easiest runs.


  • IV. You can make controlled wedge turns with a parallel finish.
  • V. You can bring your skis parallel at the finish of the turn on easy blue runs.
  • VI. You can ski most blue runs with a slight wedge opening at the start of the turn and finish in a parallel – use a pole touch


  • VII. You can easily make open-stance parallel turns with pole touch on blue runs.
  • VIII. You are able to make a good parallel turn on most black runs with good speed control
  • IX. You are a strong parallel skier in bumps, powder, steeps and ski all black runs comfortably.

I. I am new to snowboarding.

II. I am comfortable riding the lift and can make a controlled stop.

III. I am comfortable connecting turns on green terrain and have started exploring blue terrain.

IV. I am comfortable connecting turns on blue terrain and have started exploring black terrain.

V. I am comfortable connecting turns on black terrain and have started exploring steeps, bumps, trees and terrain parks.

VI. I am comfortable riding steep terrain, bumps, trees and terrain parks.

Have questions or want to book a lesson?

Lessons are limited, please call or visit the Ski School Office to schedule a lesson.

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